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FAQ: How to place an order on Yunomi.life

The below instructions and screenshots assume you are making a purchase on your computer and Google Chrome browser. Different devices and different browsers may display the screens differently, and if you have any problems, please feel free to email us at cha@yunomi.us.


STEP 1: Cart Page

Here you can calculate your estimated shipping costs. Depending on your country, shipping methods available may differ, and costs here are calculated to including handling fees and adjusted for package weight. (International shipping is weight based unfortunately, and can be complicated. We've attempted to simplify it as much as possible while still retaining various shipping methods.)

Yunomi Order Process Step 1

STEP 2: Checkout Page. 

Enter your address and any discount codes on this page. Based on the country of your shipping address, your shipping methods / costs will change. 

Yunomi Order Process Step 2

STEP 3: Choose your shipping method

Please note that if your order is small in weight and you choose the Standard Airmail option, tracking & insurance is sold separately. Tracking can be added to your cart here. All other methods include tracking and insurance by default if available (this may be unavailable to some countries).

Many customers choose the Standard Airmail method to save on shipping costs, but also to avoid having to sign for a package to receive it. Not being at home to sign for a package, and forgetting to request redelivery or to pick it up at the post office is the number 1 reason packages are returned.

Yunomi Order Process Shipping

STEP 4: Choose your payment method

PayPal is the primary payment method, and customers in most countries will be able to pay via a credit card without creating and logging into a PayPal account. PayPal's process is different for each country though in order to follow financial transactions regulations in those countries.

Bank Deposit method is primarily for large orders as International wire fees can amount to as much as $50 or more. However, you may also use this method to send us money directly via PayPal in Japanese yen instead of US dollars.

STEP 5: Pay on PayPal

If you chose Bank Deposit as the payment method, we will contact you to confirm. For all others, the below PayPal screen is what you will see and may differ from country to country. (Our official company name appears at the top as MATCHA LATTE MEDIA.)

Yunomi Order Process: PayPal

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