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Takarabako Tea Farm

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Takarabako Farms staff

The farms of Takarabako grow tea, persimmons, Japanese plums, and blueberries as an extended activity of the parent company, Matsuura Zouen KK. Matsuura itself is a local landscaping company whose dedication to a no-waste policy led them to develop organic fertilizer product from the cuttings of their landscaping business. As a demonstration of the quality of their fertilizer, a division of the company began growing tea and fruits, becoming an independent company in 2003.

Today, Takarabako is a four-person agricultural company managing 5.3 hectacres of tea, 2ha of persimmon, 0.78ha of blueberry, and 2.02ha of other agricultural crops. 

Company Info

  • President: Kouichi Matsuura
  • Location: 728-6 Ōbachō, Matsue-shi, Shimane-ken 690-0033. (Map below shows tea fields & factory)
  • Established: 2003 (subsidiary of Matsuura Zouen KK (landscaping)
  • Employees: 4

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