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JA Kochi

JA Kochi: Tosa green tea, Silver label

JA Kochi: Tosa green tea, Silver label
Using high quality of green tea grown in Kochi prefecture. Tosa green tea grow in area surrounded by clean river and mountain with good soil. You can enjoy the taste of tea less bitter and mild.

Product Info

  • Name: Tosa Green tea, Silver label
  • Japanese name: 土佐の緑茶 シルバーラベル
  • Ingredients: Green tea
  • Net weight: 80 grams
  • Region: Kochi Prefecture

Vendor Info

  • Name: JA Zenno Kochi
  • Type: Agriculture Cooperation
  • Location: 5015-1 Godaiyama Kochi-chi, Kochi Prefecture

Steeping Info

  • Tea: 5g. Time: 1 min. Water: 50~65C/122~149F, 1cup.

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