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Silk Fan (Sakura and Mt. Fuji)

Silk Fan (Sakura and Mt. Fuji)

As spring comes Japan makes way for warmer weather which also means the arrival of spring fashion.
The hand fan is part of the Spring and Summer fashion in Japan.
The silk fan is light and easy to carry.


NAME: Japanese Silk Fan (Sakura and Mt. Fuji)
DIMENSIONS: Fan closed: 22 ÌÑ 2.4 cm (8.66 ÌÑ 0.94 in), Fan opened: 22 ÌÑ 40 cm (8.66 ÌÑ 15.74 in), Box: 22.5 ÌÑ 3.2 cm (8.85 ÌÑ1.25 in)
MATERIAL: Silk, bamboo, plastic

Measurements above are approximate

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