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Dobashien Tea Company

Dobashien No. 11: Genmaicha Green Tea with Matcha, Nishiki

Dobashien No. 11: Genmaicha Green Tea with Matcha, Nishiki - 1
Dobashien No. 11: Genmaicha Green Tea with Matcha, Nishiki
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抹茶入り玄米茶 錦 / Genmaicha with Matcha – Nishiki

Luxurious. That is the image associated with the textiles of the Nishiki district in Kyoto where the highest quality silk are used to create Kimono for Japan’s elite. Adding our premium matcha to our genmaicha, we recreate the luxurious of Nishiki silk as a tea–one that is sure to astound you with a complex combination of nuttiness with the creamy textures of matcha.

Genmaicha Origins

Genmaicha probably had its origins as a way to extended the life of tea that had gotten old. The story that is told in Japan is that it comes from a folk custom of roasting leftover kagami-mochi, a kind of rice cake that is eaten during the New Year holidays, and putting the roasted mochi into tea.Prior to refrigeration, the shelf life of tea leaves did not keep as long. The leaves would lose its flavor after a year, and placing yummy tasting toasted mochi into the tea is one way to combine and enhance both flavors. And as you may know, mochi is made from rice…


NAME: Genmaicha with Matcha - Nishiki
INGREDIENTS: 100% Shizuoka-grown tea leaves, roasted rice, matcha
VENDOR: Dobashien Tea Company
LOCATION: 3-17-8 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0052

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