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Private Label / Drop Shipping Matcha Latte Grade

Private Label / Drop Shipping Matcha Latte Grade - 1
Private Label / Drop Shipping Matcha Latte Grade
Private Label / Drop Shipping Matcha Latte Grade
Private Label / Drop Shipping Matcha Latte Grade
Private Label / Drop Shipping Matcha Latte Grade
Private Label / Drop Shipping Matcha Latte Grade
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Note: Packages for most tea & food products will use Yunomi resealable bags or tins (with some exceptions, click here to see info and photos). If you need the original Japanese package, please leave a note in the order comments.

The matcha itself comes from tea leaves harvested in the organic tea farms of Kyoto and Kagoshima, and processed by Kyoto-based matcha factories. Because we are based in Japan and source directly from producers, each grade is a cut above brands found outside of Japan. Harvest is spring. Grinding is by ball mill (not stone mill).


Prices include the cost of the product, and label application

The drop ship handling fee for the entire order ($5) should be purchased here. All orders are considered final once submitted to the post office. There will be no refunds or exchanges for lost or damaged items beyond what the post office provides (see "postal insurance" below). 

Do not use coupon codes with this product unless instructed by Yunomi or your order will be cancelled.

Packaging Options and Sizes

Pull-top can packaging is available for Ceremonial Grade Matcha G1 and Latte Grade Matcha G3. The screw top lid has a rubber seal on the inside that further seals the can after it has been opened. However, the weight is twice the resealable bag increasing shipping costs. Net weight of the matcha is 30 grams.

Resealable bags are available for G1, G3, and Culinary Grade Matcha G5. 30-gram and 100-gram bags are available. Other custom sizes also available with minimum production of 10kg.


We recommend that you send us your label design for confirmation before your first order to ensure that you are properly following food labeling regulations for your country. Our review of this compliance is not guaranteed as we are not lawyers, but can advise you to a certain extent. Please see regulations for your country here: Food labeling guide for Australia, USDA food labeling guide, UK Food labeling guide.

Printing: Please have your labels printed and sent to us at Matcha Latte Media KK, 2-7-25-3D Sakae-cho, Odawara, Kanagawa 250-0011, JAPAN. You may also work with our partner, Mojoprint.jp, an English-speaking on-demand printing company in Japan. If you send us a stock of labels, we will store it in our file for use when your orders come in.

In-house laser printer labels: The quality is very basic, printed on our office laser printer, and we don't recommend it (though we use it ourselves). We provide this label production for free, and this can be a way for you to do some test marketing before investing in higher quality labels.

Please prepare your labels in JPG format for printing on our laser printer, unless they are text only. Upload as a zip file. Leave a margin of 5 mm for any design. You can also provide a logo and text, letting us design it. To prevent any mix up with other customers, please upload a file for each order. Alternatively you can send us a stock of professionally printed labels. Templates for Microsoft Word can be downloaded here.

    • Can label sides A Width 70 mm, Height 30 mm. For use on back and front. Japanese washi paper material. 
    • Can label sides B - Width 190 mm, Height 30 mm. Wraps around, but uses regular paper.
    • Can label top - Circular, 50 mm diameter. Japanese washi paper material. For use on the top and/or bottom.
    • Label for 30-gram bag (front/back) - Width 69 mm, Height 97 mm. Regular paper.

    Postal Insurance

    Express Airmail comes with up to $200 in insurance for loss or damage, $100 for Premium. Additional insurance for Express or for Premium Airmail can be puchased here. Claims must be made by the recipient of the product to their local post office for the claim to be processed here in Japan. Once the claim is finalized here in Japan, we will receive the funds, and refund you.

    Invoices, Address & Shipping Labels

    The sender/exporter will be your name from our address. You are responsible for providing your customer with an address for product returns. Labels will be void of branding. Recipient's name, address and phone number are required. 

    Customs forms are also required and must declare the value of the shipment. That should be the value of your sale to your customer, or you will not be able to make an insurance claim. All sales value must be declared, and an invoice(s) included with the shipment. "Gift" shipments with values hidden are not possible for international airmail.

    Invoices should be commercial invoices with the product name, net weight, unit cost, line-item subtotal, and order total. Regardless of the shipping address on the invoice, we will use the shipping address you enter into our system. (We will ignore all content on the invoice except prices to be used for the customs form.) You need to upload only one invoice per order.

    Processing & Shipment time

    In general, we require 2-4 businessdays to process your order, and 3-5 days for shipment for Express Airmail, 1-2 weeks for Premium Airmail, and 1-3 weeks for Standard Airmail.

    Note that the first order to work out labels etc. may take longer depending on complexity.

    Regarding Organic Certification

    Our G-series indicates that the matcha itself is certified organic according to JAS (as well as USDA, EU, AB standards). (Note: Due to documentation requirements with the certification body, the product loses its official organic certification when we apply a custom label.)

    For organic certification (to sell the product as an organic product with a custom label that includes an organic certification mark), a minimum production order of 10 kilograms is required. Please inquire if interested.

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