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Private Labeling Fee

Private Labeling Fee - 1
Private Labeling Fee
Private Labeling Fee
Private Labeling Fee

Private labeling service (beta)

Our private labeling service is currently in testing, and may change as we evaluate based on actual customer feedback. This service is available per unit for both individual customers and wholesale customers. 

Note: This fee is not necessary for drop ship / private label matcha products (wholesale only).

    Washi Paper Labels

    We use Japanese washi paper for labels. If you would like us to print your label design, please send us an JPG image for a SINGLE label according to the dimensions in the images. Printing will be done by laser printer.

    The back label (if necessary) should include product info, and can be printed using one of these washi paper labels or on a regular label sized 67 mm width x 97 mm height. Please be sure to leave a margin of 5 mm on each side.

    If you would like your design to cover an entire single sheet, the number of private labeled units should equal the number of labels produced. (i.e. a 6-label sheet requires 6 units purchased.) If you request two sheets that have different number of labels per sheet, we will require larger number of units (i.e. 6-label sheet and 8-label sheet for back label requires you to purchase 8 units).

    Yunomi Factory Direct Matcha Products Info

    Discounts for volume

    We provide discounts for high volume label production / application. Please inquire.

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